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American Love

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s coming to that time in my life when I need to think about what I’m going to do after I graduate from university. Well dear friends the answer is simple: I want to go on the mother of all road trips!! Me and a few of my uni friends have been discussing this, and the plan is to start in New York and drive out west to L.A. See Ground Zero, catch a Mets game, visit times square, loads of junk on the way, then go check out the music scene in L.A, the Capitol Building, Venice Beach, Etc etc.
In theory, this would be absolutely badass, but unfortunately it’s likely never to happen. I’m in need of a job as it is and it’d take more than 6 months of saving to pay for this one :/

I can dream though 🙂

Tune of the Day: Hammers & Strings (A Lullaby) – Jack’s Mannequin

Stay lucky!!

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The Taste Of Ink

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Well hello Internuts!
Man, I’ve been really lax about this blogging thing recently. Just been putting it off and putting it off… Too much uni work to be bothered, to be honest.
So, as you possibly gleaned from my last sentence, I’ve started back at uni. And oh boy, I really wish I hadn’t!! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some brilliant people so far, and I’m really enjoying the new work, it’s just that there’s SO MUCH of it :/
I’ve already got my dissertation, a concert to organise and write material for and perform, as well as a work placement to find, a recording project and i have to discover the next weird musical science innovation. Shit, by Christmas, I’m going to be a big supporter of euthanasia 😦
On the plus side, life is pretty much top-class right now. I’ve got all my uni equipment through, my loan shouldn’t be much longer, the weather is amazingly good (in my opinion), and things are just going great guns 🙂
Got myself some top quality new tunes lately, as well. Frank Turner, Gorillaz, A Day To Remember, Magnetic Man, Tinie Tempah, The Gaslight Anthem, Tegan & Sara, and Thrice. I’m inundated by good tunes lately! I just wish that I wasn’t getting everything so late after it comes out. I want to get writing some reviews! It’s no good reviewing something that everyone already owns :/ Oh well, I’ll get there eventually.
Might get some sleep now. Might just listen to tunes and play on Twitter. Who knows?

Tune of the Day: Easy Tiger – Kids In Glass Houses

Stay lucky,

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