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…Of Dust And Nations

Well hello there Internet world 🙂
Long time no see!! How you all been, my thousands of dedicated followers? Hah.
Gotta say, this week has been fantastic – the weather has been immense, been spending loads of time with my girl, going seeing relatives, and just basically having a great last couple of weeks off for the summer 😀
And now it’s raining :/ bummer.
So yeah, been thinking of writing a book. Fiction, of course, seeing as very little that has happened in this world has really caught my attention. Thinking post-mysterious-apocalyptic-England-reverting-to-middle-ages type thing. Swords and horses through Manchester city centre. That sort of thing 🙂
Btw, I got the new Arcade Fire album last week. Immense work there! Got. Few other bits too; Metric’s latest release “Fantasies”, Thrice’s “Beggars” and The Rocket Summer’s “Do You Feel” album. Not a bad week, I must say. All really good stuff 🙂
Back at uni on Monday, hurray!! Starting at the main campus for my final year. I’m really looking forward to it, the thrill of starting a real university, rather than a college extension. Good times 🙂 hope my loan arrives fast though, cause it’s a long way and I need transport money haha.
Oh well, all’s well that ends well 🙂

Tune of the Day: Devlin – “Brainwashed”


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