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On Directing

Hello, Internet; did you miss me?

Today has been an odd one, I have to say. It’s been one of those “meditate on life until clarity arrives” sort if days, where I just get a thought stuck in my head and I have to work on it until I have it figured out. I get them every few months, and to be honest I absolutely love them. At the time, I hate them as I get a little down and grouchy, but afterwards I feel so good I just want another fix.
Today, I was reading the blurb on a book on the shelf at my mums place and a review in The Guardian deemed it “epic in every sense”. Which got me thinking about my story. If a made up story of fictional characters and fictional worlds can be called ‘epic’ then why can’t my story be epic? Why is it that made up stories are the ones that we want to hear the most about? What is it in human nature that makes the story of a young man defeating evil to rescue the maiden in a fictional world more palatable than a story of a young mother who works 3 jobs to keep her child fed and healthy in our world? Or is it just me that would rather hear that story?
Honestly, in a book store, I am immediately drawn to the fantasy/sci-fi section. I didn’t even know the true life story section existed until a few weeks ago. But it bugs me that I want these stories more than the true stories. I know somewhere deep down that I should have compassion and sympathy for the people who write these stories that seem so unimportant to me, but honestly I just want to know that the unlikely hero gets the girl in the end. Hopefully, there’s a metaphor in that that makes a good person out of me, but I’m probably just hoping for something to ease my conscience. I honestly just wish that I could do something with my life so that someone, somewhere would say “damn, he lived an epic story”. It might sound odd to some of you, but I want to feel like the leading man of my story. I know for a fact that my girl is the leading lady in both my story and hers, but I want to know that I’m the leading man.
Anyway, as you can probably tell, I still haven’t got this one figured out. It might require some more meditation, or maybe a drunken enlightenment. I don’t know. We’ll have to see how this one plays out, eh?

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Dear Jack

Aaah, the holidays are almost upon us all! 6 weeks of fun, sun, and White rum 😀 only kiddin; it’ll be more like boredom, rain, and special brew. Yippee! :/
Ofcourse, I myself have been on holiday since the middle of May or something like that, so the excitement has worn down a little haha.
On the other hand, I actually have a very definite plan for my birthday. For a change. Yes, you guessed it: at the grand old age of 22 I’ll be making my first ever trip to Alton Towers where I can happily shit my knickers in front of my mates and girlfriend and prove what a total wuss I am 😀 gettin!!
Ofcourse, this is all a month away as I have to wait for everyones paydays to coincide 🙂 but oh well, it’s only the week after the day anyways 🙂
Ah, can’t wait for my gorgeous girl to start her annual leave- only 2 more work days!! Whoop 😀
Ee, what to do what to do…
Not a clue, actually. So; Big Brother with the Princess, then bed most likely.

Stay Lucky, folks!

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P.s. My mum turned 46(?) today. I think that’s right. Please don’t hurt me, mum…

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Chase This Light

Wow it’s been a while… Or maybe it just feels like a while, I’m not sure :s
Soooo much been going on of late, everything feels a little up in the air to me. Geeze where do i start?
So, my mum was in hospital yesterday. She had to have a lump removed, but it turns out it was benign so it’s all good 🙂
I finished my foundation degree in music practice and production with 2.1 so I’m really happy about that 🙂 just waiting on a reply from UCLan to see if I can do 3rd year production, or if I’m on practice next year. Not really bothered which I do though to be honest because I’ll just do my MA in the other 🙂
Really loving the thundery weather lately too, it’s a refreshing change from all the sticky heat we’ve been having.
Also, I got the last Jimmy Eat World album yesterday. Blows my mind! Can’t believe I didn’t get it sooner than this, it’s been out for years!
In general though, my life is pretty awesome 🙂 I really love my girl and she loves me, it’s my birthday in exactly one month, going to hit Alton towers for the first time at the end of august with bex and the guys, and to cap it all this weekend we’re going to visit my family down in Liverpool with my girl 😀 good times.

This post feels a little odd to me…


Tune of the Day – “Big Casino” – Jimmy Eat World


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