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She’s A Runner

Today, I messed up royal.
Randomly trawling the cyber world that is facebook, my girlfriend discovers that my ex is newly engaged. Yippee for her, right? I mention that that makes it number 2 for her, having drunkenly popped the question my self once upon time. Not that it actually came to anything, obbviously, or I wouldn’t be writing this. Unfortunately, it had slipped my mind to tell my girl this in the past and now guess who’s in the doghouse? No prizes, mind.
So there’s a shitty end to a great day. Whoop whoop!
Maybe a good nights sleep will fix it for me, but I very much doubt that.

Tune of the day – “Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez

Baz McCoy

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For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic

I gotta say, I love my life 🙂
The weathers freaking awesome, my girlfriend is above perfect, the family are no longer bugging me, I finished uni with a decent grade, and best of all – the soundtrack is immense!!
Seriously though, how good has the weather been?! Shame about everyone rambling about the football, but BBQs and beers are definately the summer thing. Probably the plan for my birthday this summer too. God, I’ll be 22 this year 😦 I’m getting old. Half the people I left school with are parents twice over though, so I guess it’s a plus that I’m not :).
I’m really enjoying my iPod at the moment too – had it on shuffle today whilst walking from home to my girls place. Blink182, stellastarr, ellie g, billy squire, Bruce Springsteen, the gaslight anthem and kids in glass houses. That makes for one pleasant walk, especially at sunset 🙂 Next time I have a party, the dj better look in my iPod for inspiration! Also, re-loving RIOT! by Paramore lately. Good album for summer time.
Still, I really don’t know what to use this blog for… I want it be a way to vent my innerself in a way I can’t do verbally, but I want to be able to give anyone reading it some tips on some absolute TUNES! You know, seeing as I wouldn’t mind being a music journalist at some point in the future 😉
Haha my girl is asleep next to me – it’s 11:51. Such a true student 😉 haha.
Ah, to hell with it – you guys will get what you’re given! Comments and the whatnot appreciated people! 🙂

Tune of the day – “She’s A Runner” – Billy Squire

Baz McCoy

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New Beginnings

Great song, come to think of it…


So, this wordpress thing; I have no friends on here, know nothing about it, and know no-one who’s ever heard of it. Except for a few people that I shouldn’t know know about it…

Anyway; I’m a Uni student. Aspiring zane lowe clone. Absolutely adore music, so I’ll likely post tips on upcoming creative genius. Or maybe just ramble. I don’t know.

Tip no 1: new gaslight anthem album came out on the 14th. It is SHITHOT!! I suggest you all go get it. Whoever you all may be. :s

I’ll likely be doing this from my iPod, so I do apologise for any spelling mistakes I make along the way 🙂

So. Um. Yep. That’s it. I’ll update as often as possible. In the meantime, go get this- it will change your life:


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Hello internet!

Well hello Internet! My name is Barry Ashall, musically & internetually known as Baz McCoy (yes, a fondness for a certain potato snack was involved in my naming!) I’m 21 years young, I love music; whether listening or playing: I’m there. I play guitar, bass and drums. I also sing. Be grateful if you haven’t heard me!
I have a girlfriend. She’s incredible 🙂 intelligent, and beautiful. You’ve never seen beauty like my girl. And to add to the incredibleness, she invented the Chinese wednesday: gratest invention since the electric guitar. See, beauty and brains do come together! For all you doubters out there
I love to read. I’m currently half through the wheel of time series again. New book in October and I can’t wait! Other favourite reads include: the lord of the rings, to kill a mockingbird, Dorian gray, and les miserables. Did I mention that I love music? My iPod is constantly jammed to the nines. Fav bands of today include: The Gaslight Anthem, blink-182, Stellastarr* & Bruce Springsteen.
Anyway; the plan is that I want to write a bit this summer (I started a novel that I never finished and be damned if it’s going to gather virtual dust forever!) so I want to get back into the habit so I can finish it. And I’ll probably put out a hint about an up and coming band or two 🙂
So yeah: god help you all who read this.

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